Advantages and Disadvantages of a Company Form of Business Explained!

August 11, 2022

what are the advantages and disadvantages of a corporation

Thus, the original owners may have to give up their control of the corporation as the price of obtaining capital. Some of the same corporate characteristics that provide advantages to incorporating may also result in disadvantages. These disadvantages are especially relevant to smaller businesses.

Instead, the reported income is passed through to the owners where it is taxed at personal tax rates. Business owners can form a nonprofit corporation for religious, charitable, political, educational, literary, scientific, social or benevolent purposes. Certain states may have stricter requirements for nonprofit corporations. Since most corporations sell ownership through publicly traded stock, they can easily raise funds by selling stock.

Rigid formalities, protocols and structure

A corporation is a separate body, authorized by law, owned by one or more persons, and having its own rights, privileges, and obligations distinct from those of its owner. Owners what are the advantages and disadvantages of a corporation also cannot be “non-resident aliens”, C corporations, LLCs, other S corporations, or non-qualified trusts. LLCs and C corporations do not have limits on the number of owners.

  • However, as the business grows, converting to a corporation gives the company options to raise capital, attract new shareholders, and provide personal asset protection for the owners.
  • A board often has the ability to fire the founder and vote other board members out.
  • A stockholder’s personal liability is usually limited to the amount of investment in the corporation and no more.
  • If the company goes bankrupt, shareholders are only responsible for the company’s debts based on the amount of capital invested.
  • LLC members can thus receive losses that are deductible from any other income they may receive from outside the LLC.

A board of directors must be elected, which subsequently appoints the new officers of the corporation. Corporate bylaws are drafted that establish rules of order for the operation of the new corporation. In return for their capital, these individuals usually demand an equity position in the firm.

Design Your Asset Protection Plan

During all this change of ownership, the business continues to operate. The LLC is at root a partnership, but one that has been given the same liability protections as a corporation.

What are 3 disadvantages of a corporation?

  • Double taxation. Depending on the type of corporation, it may pay taxes on its income, after which shareholders pay taxes on any dividends received, so income can be taxed twice.
  • Excessive tax filings.
  • Independent management.

This is because they aren’t limited by the credibility of a very small amount of owners. Corporations sell shares of stock to investors who then own a portion of the firm. Additionally, larger corporations may issue bonds which essentially allows them to borrow sizeable quantities of cash from many investors.


This is especially helpful for business continuity and longevity. While Delaware offers distinct benefits, there are alsosignificant drawbacksto incorporating there. It should be noted that it makes the most financial sense to file your business in your home state in nearly all circumstances. In a closely held corporation, there is the freedom to try new ideas and take risks.

what are the advantages and disadvantages of a corporation

Also, specific corporation types must satisfy particular restrictions, and these must be kept up to date as well, such as the fact that an S corp may not have more than 100 shareholders. When entrepreneurs decide that forming a corporation is the right fit for them, they need to pay attention to the specific requirements dictated by their state. For some companies, these rules stipulate how to create corporate bylaws and file articles of incorporation. If this sounds like a lot of paperwork, it is, and it can be challenging, so it makes sense to navigate these guidelines carefully and take one’s time. Once all the correct forms and documents are completed and filed, the business will be universally recognized as a corporation and can move forward.

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