What is SDLCSoftware Development Life Cycle and its phases

June 7, 2022

It is conducted by the senior team members with inputs from all the stakeholders and domain experts in the industry. Planning for the quality assurance requirements and recognization of the risks involved is also done at this stage. System assessments are conducted in order to correct deficiencies and adapt the system for continued improvement. There are seven stages in the SDLC and six common models that are used for different projects. In this guide, we’ll go through each stage and model to give you an overview of what becoming a software developer entails.

Systems analysis and design (SAD) can be considered a meta-development activity, which serves to set the stage and bound the problem. SAD interacts with distributed enterprise architecture, enterprise I.T. This high-level description is then broken down into the components and modules which can be analyzed, designed, and constructed separately and integrated to accomplish the business goal. SDLC and SAD are cornerstones of full life cycle product and system planning. Once you’ve completed all testing phases, it’s time to deploy your new application for customers to use. After deployment, the launch may involve marketing your new product or service so people know about its existence.


You can use the spiral model to ensure software’s gradual release and improvement by building prototypes at each phase. When teams develop software, they code and test on a different copy of the software than the one that the users have access to. The software that customers use is called production, while other copies are said to be in the build environment, or testing environment.

Besides, this allows any final mistakes to be caught before releasing the product. In other words, the team should determine the feasibility of the project and how they can implement the project successfully with the lowest risk in mind. Next, let’s explore the different stages of the Software Development Life Cycle. This article will explain how SDLC works, dive deeper in each of the phases, and provide you with examples to get a better understanding of each phase. Here, are prime reasons why SDLC is important for developing a software system.

Phase #1: Requirements Analysis

This is why software development teams put their software to test and evaluate all its components and modules thoroughly after the coding is complete. The software development life cycle outlines different tasks needed to create, deploy, and maintain a software solution. It helps leaders allocate time, cost, and resources among the team members so that each task completes properly within budget and deadline.

sdlc phases

If you want to learn how to build, deploy, and create high quality software you will want to follow a blueprint. The spiral model is suitable for large and complex projects that require frequent changes. However, it can be expensive for smaller projects with a limited scope. Want to improve application quality and monitor application performance at every stage of the SDLC?

Some SDLC Best Practices

The engineers receive the requirements and the design from the other team members and the actual implementation work starts. Software development – as we all know – is a broad domain and can cover website design tools and online forms to more robust machine learning or backend systems. SDLC exists to help you reduce your time to market, ensure a better product output, save money, and increase the likelihood that what you build is useful to the stakeholders that you care about.

  • With a color-coded calendar, it’s easy to see on a daily basis which members of the team are being overburdened or underutilized.
  • For instance, you can build one feature first, test and deploy it, and collect feedback and iterate.
  • SDLC is a systematic process for building software that ensures the quality and correctness of the software built.
  • Your work isn’t complete at handling the software to your client; it still needs continuous monitoring, updating, and maintenance to keep it working at an optimal state.
  • The SDLC phases or stages can be used in various ways with multiple sequences.
  • In such a market, approaching software creation in any way that does not involve a pre-defined SDLC is not a business-wise move.

While the process timeline will vary from project to project, the SDLC generally follows the seven stages outlined below. One is a reliable methodology; second is a detailed process from getting from point A to point B. Are you getting your feet wet in the extensive world system development life cycle definition of software development for the first time? Then the first step for you is to understand the Software Development Life Cycle (SDLC). A software life cycle model (also termed process model) is a pictorial and diagrammatic representation of the software life cycle.

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You add as many triggers as you need, which set off actions that complete simple tasks and take care of busywork that would otherwise slow your team down. Regardless of the SDLC methodology that you choose, there are consistent SDLC phases that should be followed in order to successfully complete a deliverable for the client. The name of the phases might vary, but the following list summarizes the core functions of typical SDLC phases. Adopting an SDLC strategy also lowers your team’s technical debt since developers take little to no shortcuts during software creation.

This process continues until the software is bug-free, stable, and working according to the business needs of that system. The system specification represents the technical requirements that will provide overall guidance for system design. In this phase of SDLC, the actual development begins, and the programming is built. Developers have to follow the coding guidelines described by their management and programming tools like compilers, interpreters, debuggers, etc. are used to develop and implement the code. The next phase is about to bring down all the knowledge of requirements, analysis, and design of the software project.

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ProjectManager is the online hub for free project management templates with dozens to help you from plan to completion. With its customizable spreadsheet interface and powerful collaboration features, Smartsheet allows for streamlined project and process management. Use Smartsheet’s SDLC with Gantt template to get started quickly, and help manage the planning, development, testing, and deployment stages of system development. Create a timeline with milestones and dependencies to track progress, and set up automated alerts to notify you as anything changes. Share your plan with your team and key stakeholders to provide visibility, and assign tasks to individuals to ensure nothing slips through the cracks. The waterfall model is not in practice anymore, but it is the basis for all other SDLC models.

sdlc phases

Use our workload management tools to track team workload across tasks in a software project. With a color-coded calendar, it’s easy to see on a daily basis which members of the team are being overburdened or underutilized. Our interactive online Gantt charts are perfect for planning your software projects, especially with waterfall and v-shaped models. Usually, this is done in a special environment, so the team can check for bugs and other mistakes without being distracted by too many variables. Our test case template can help you as you go through the software testing process.

Templates to help with the Software Development Life Cycle

In short, we want to verify if the code meets the defined requirements. Also, make sure you have proper guidelines in place about the code style and practices. ” This stage of the SDLC means getting input from all stakeholders, including customers, salespeople, industry experts, and programmers. Learn the strengths and weaknesses of the current system with improvement as the goal.

After evaluating all the possible factors, the most practical and logical design is chosen for development. The information from this analysis forms the building blocks of a basic project. Thus, in this stage, the basic project is designed with all the available information. Developers take inputs from this document to derive the software architecture, which is like a skeleton of the software on which everything is built in the next stage. At this phase, you can plan the software infrastructure, user interface, and system architecture to ensure all the functional and non-functional are covered.

Test Management

The iterative incremental model requires the team to quickly deploy an incomplete version of the software at the end of each development cycle. A product’s SDLC must be a living process that the team regularly updates (or at least reviews). Keeping an SDLC up to date takes a combined effort of business analysts, developers, QA staff members, and stakeholders. A fully integrated end-to-end value stream management platform, and cloud-based software development platform to visualize and manage the flow of value. The idea of shifting security left in the SDLC upends the traditional notion of how, when, and where security controls can be integrated into software development. “Shift left” means finding ways for these formerly siloed groups to work together to develop rapid, but also secure, code releases.

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